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Right now, I feel The current mood of Tomoyo Ichijouji at
I'll fill this with my profile and other stuff when I have time to fill it...
I did a C.C.S. style profile thingy here:
Name: Tomoyo Ichijouji
Birthday: February 6
Favorite classes: science, principles of business
Least favorite classes: history
Extracurricular activities: piano, choir, robotics (animation)
Hobbies: writing (participant in Nanowrimo), drawing, website, playing video games
Favorite colors: pink, violet Favorite flowers: morning glories, foxgloves
Favorite foods: pizza, ramen, cookies, brownies
Least favorite food: bitter things, spicy things
Best dish: none
Most wanted: Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, .hack//mutation; outbreak; quarantine, PT DVDs (when they come out over here), .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelight *maybe*
Anime(s) Currently Watching: Full Metal Alchemist, Uninhabited Planet Survive, Kyou Kara Maou
Video Game(s) Currently Playing: Suikoden III, Final Fantasy IX, .hack//infection ^o^
Favorite Animes: Full Metal Alchemist, Uninhabited Planet Survive, Princess Tutu
Favorite Games: Kingdom Hearts, Suikoden III, FFIX
(I have more fav. animes and games but these are my major current ones)

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Monday, April 26, 2004 at 06:12 p.m. --
Mostly, I'm posting in my LJ journal for posts, but I updated my profile on the left. *grin*
Visit for more updates!
-- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

Thursday, April 8, 2004 at 10:39 p.m. --
I added an entry but I'm too lazy to put it here. :p Check Monorail of Thought (livejournal vrs.) to read stuff I don't post on here. *grin*
-- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

Thursday, April 1, 2004 at 03:30 p.m. --
Hullo, I am here. Uh......can't think of any funny April Fool's day joke. (Um.....I have school off today, NOT, April fools? *sweatdrop* I'm not good at these things...) But I do know that it's Sakura Kinomoto's B-day today! No, that's not an April Fool's Day joke. Seriously. You can check the 1st CCS manga if you don't believe me.
Sooo....I have quite a bit of HW today. Not that it was all assigned today, but considering I got Friday-HW from every single class-w/-homework that I have, you gets hard to get them ALL done before Thursday. (I got done the first two on my planner, and worked on one a little yesterday! But sigh...two to start & finish and one to finish up. *sigh*) Oh well. I'll get it done somehow!! (Hopefully not by staying up till two in the monring....probably shouldn't stay on here too long *sweatdrop*)
Well, I have built up several quiz results~~! Let me plaster them on here for a sec. (I'll post my comments on them after all of them.)

Which Aes Sedai Ajah are you?

Your prediction for your #1 result: Brown. Does that match your actual #1 result below? #1 Blue Copy & Paste Results Code:

  • My #1 result for the selector, Which Ajah should you be in?, is Blue

    #2 Brown Copy & Paste Results Code:

  • My #2 result for the selector, Which Ajah should you be in?, is Brown

    #3 Yellow Copy & Paste Results Code:

  • My #3 result for the selector, Which Ajah should you be in?, is Yellow

    #4 Grey Copy & Paste Results Code:

  • My #4 result for the selector, Which Ajah should you be in?, is Grey

    #5 Green Copy & Paste Results Code:

  • My #5 result for the selector, Which Ajah should you be in?, is Green

    #6 White Copy & Paste Results Code:

  • My #6 result for the selector, Which Ajah should you be in?, is White

    #7 Red Copy & Paste Results Code:

  • My #7 result for the selector, Which Ajah should you be in?, is Red

    #8 Black Copy & Paste Results Code:

  • My #8 result for the selector, Which Ajah should you be in?, is Black


    Blue Vibes
    Your Energy is Blue. You are a creative thinker
    with an active imagination. Artistic and
    talented, you want to reach the stars and bring
    them down to form. You are trustworthy, honest
    and reliable. Others feel comfortable in your
    presence as you project a non-threatening,
    serene energy. You would do well in any of the helping
    professions, as an artist, singer, diplomat,
    orater, or clergy member.

    What color is your energy?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    For my site
    This site is certified 11% EVIL by the GematriculatorThis site is certified 89% GOOD by the Gematriculator

    For (Monorail of Thought):
    This site is certified 26% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 74% GOOD by the Gematriculator

    For (Monorail of Thought, livejournal vrs.):
    This site is certified 42% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 58% GOOD by the Gematriculator

    What Irrational Number Are You?
    You are 2

    You are in good company, many other square roots are also irrational numbers. Just by being a square root you have been branded a radical. You are considered very attractive, especially by Europeans (at least on paper.)

    You fear that a relationship with another 2 may somehow end up complex and ultimately imaginary. In reality, only another 2 will make you whole.

    Your lucky number is approximately 1.41421356

    Shiny Lemur
    Straif's Blog

    What would your Anime life be like? by hearthlight
    Your looks:Short silver hair.
    Your best friend:An ackward schoolboy.
    Your powers:Shape-shifting.
    Your beloved:Love is for the weak.
    Your occupation:Comic relief.
    Your ending:Exactly as you'd want it.
    Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!


    Aes Sedai quiz: Blue Ajah
    Rating: o o o o c (4.5/5)
    By the by, for people who haven't read the series "The Wheel of Time": Aes Sedai are basically mages of that world, and they're not entirely all that well liked due to some bad reputations. They're all women because the side of the magic source for guys is corrupted while the woman's side is OK (details, you'd need to read it).
    Red Ajah is the group of Aes Sedai who want to suppress the men who try to wield the power (considering all of them go mad from the taint and cause lots of strife and hassle, this isn't all that biased, but it's still a radical group).
    Yellow Ajah is the group that concentrates on healing.
    Green Ajah is basically the fighting group (also known as the Battle Ajah, so to speak).
    Blue Ajah is the group that does justice and helps causes.
    Gray Ajah is the group of mediators and go-betweens, sort of the neutral party.
    Brown Ajah, finally, is the group of people who are like studying hermits, cutting themselves off from the rest of the world to study and gain knowledge. (explanation over, reason next)
    It's really weird, I swore I'd get something like Brown! I'm not that much of 'fair-justice!!!!' kind of person, but then again...I guess you don't need to be. Moiraine is blue, and she's not like that. Maybe the reason why I'd not be a good Brown Ajah over Blue (Brown was my second result, too) is that I am aware of what's going on around me, at least partially, when a typical Brown Ajah wouldn't even know that someone entered the room they're in. They seem to travel a lot, tho, the Blue ones....I don't travel very much, and I'm not sure if I'm used to it (I get sick all the time after trips)....but you know, I think this does match me. *grin*

    Vibe quiz: Blue vibes (lotsa blue it seems...)
    Rating: o o o o o (5/5)
    Reason: ....Creative, artistic, wanting to reach the stars and bring them down, honest, reliable, non-threatening presence.....these all are things I can describe myself as. So, it appears to match me very well. (Maybe I'm not calm and serene when I'm acting crazy, but that's just me. I'm just nonsensical like that sometimes. *grin*)
    Site Good/Evil quiz for, MoT, MoT (lj vrs):
    Rating: o o o c . (3.5/5)
    Reason: I think the quiz is pretty much kind of random. I suppose my VCT site may be less evil than my blog (being as my blog has my opinions and stuff on it which more may consider bad or otherwise offending? not that I really say anything bad on here...) And why is my livejournal blog so much more evil than my monorail one? Oh well...amusing anyways.

    Irrational # quiz: root(2)
    Rating: o o o o . (4/5)
    Reason: I dunno....I guess I'm 'attractive'? I'm not ugly, but I don't think you're a good judge of whether you're 'attractive' or not. I'm not really interested in relationships, so I guess no comment on that. Nothing unlike me, but not much to say anyway. (But I do like root2! Iths cool. So I like. *grin*)

    What would your anime life be like?
    Rating: o o o o o [c] (5.5/5) ^o^
    Reason: Whee...I love the results of this quiz - er, 'meme'. (Anybody know what that stands for?) First off, I have short silver hair. I see that and think, Whoa, really?? Right now I have long, dark brown/black hair, and I don't think I'll be dyeing it silver or anything like that. But if I imagine a girl with short, silver hair, I think that I could look like that in an anime (where hair colors range all colors of the rainbow *sweatdrop*). And maybe the short hair indicates that I'm not entirely feminine, that maybe long hair would sort of represent? Dunno. But still, silver hair is cool~~~! And short hair is interesting...and my best friend is 'an awkward schoolboy'. Eeheeeheeee! Hilarious. A schoolboy, and an awkward one. I'd love having an anime best friend like that. (Note, it specifies 'best friend', not 'boyfriend', as you can see in a couple lines after that.) Andand we could play video games together~~~~! Wheeeee! (It's hard to find girls that like to play video games other than Onee-chan, and most guys I know are uneasy to do anything with girls lest everyone else think we're going boyfriend-girlfriend or something like that. -_-) Gotta love that. And then my powers....shape-shifter. Ooh. The funny thing is, that might be the kind of power I'd be uneasy using, since I have a sort of phobia about being something other than what I am physically, yet at the same time fascinated by it. Which of course in an anime, makes for good angst scenes. Plus the reason why I wouldn't use it all the time. Interesting too. I like. And yep, as mentioned before, my beloved is labeled as: "Love is for the weak." Heheh. I'm not a romance-person (I'm the one that when I was younger always chanted "Ewwwww!" when the guy and girl kissed in a movie), and even now I don't want to depend on someone else's love to make me happy. So ya. Matches me wellwell. (This just keeps getting better, huh? Now you know why I like this result so much!) My occupation is of interesting note: comic relief. What happened to the shape-shifting angst? My seriousness? Fffssrt - out the window. Muahaha. Gotta love it. (Hey, if I were in a series, then those little angst scenes would always be trucinated by some funny thing that happens or a funny reaction I make to something. Or maybe my randomness. *grin* Heeheehee....and those gag scenes would be further saturated by my ability to imitate people and re-act a scene with a one-man mock show. *grin* The possibilites are endless!) And the last one, my ending, will be just as I want it. That's always nice. Yupyup. *grin* (Funny, the test I love the most was one that was generated from my name only....maybe I should take those more often?) I could have checked it with my real name or just Tomoyo my first name, but the result I got was so perfect I didn't want to ruin it with another not-so-perfect result (and believe me, without the Ichijouji it makes it totally different; I tried this with other meme's). So wheee~~~! I might even go so far as to draw myself w/short silver hair or the awkward schoolboy or gag scenes with said characters and others. *grin* 'Love it when these quizzes give me ideas like that!
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Sunday, March 28, 2004 at 06:17 p.m. --
    Oh, Onee-chan, you're still interested in Yuki Kajiura music, right? Apparently she's going to do some music for this new anime being fansubbed by Anime-Keep called "MY Hime" or "Dancing Princess" (presumably a translation play-off). The series looks to have mostly girls, and almost all fanservicy girls I might add (you know, the amount of bouncing and Marilyn Monroesque moments.....not to mention that there is a 'bouncy' scene of the girls in bikinis and the last image is of two of the girls in bed -__-). The two guys that were in the trailer look bishy-type though, so at least it's not ONLY for guys. (Looks like mostly tho -_- Maybe the story is more shoujo-aimed, that's why they crammed it with the said fanservice to make up for it?) There were also some mystical-looking stuff (not nearly as much as the girl-fanservice, tho...), and you see a dragon for about 5 seconds (a dragon that strangely resembles the Blue Eyes White Dragon from Yugio o_O).
    Anyhow, I mentioned it mostly b/c of the Yuki Kajiura mentioning. Maybe you'd be interested, Onee-chan?
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Tuesday, March 23, 2004 at 08:49 p.m. --
    Hi, I'm here. By the way, did you know that if you're feeling crummy for no particular reason, and you happen to know that you a) did a lot of work over the weekend without much time for yourself and b) didn't get good sleep last night, and you take a teensy-weensy "catnap", you feel soooo much better? That's my personal lesson for the day, folks. That's why I'm not on here writing about how depressed I feel for no particular (well, there are some reasons why I'd feel bad, like the scary self-defense class intro speech and ANNOYING TRAPEZOIDS!! ya.).
    What happened this weekend? Well, I had two projects to do, one that was due that Monday and the other I had almost a whole board to put together. Friday evening was basically my weekend. So ya. Busy, not much on my time, not much sleep either.
    But on that short Friday evening, I did watch FMA 22 + 23. Whoa. Ditto to what Onee-chan said about 22 on her LiveJournal. A bunch of stuff suddenly happens, and....whoa. And then 23.....Al!!! Sigh. I love this series. 24's come out....come to think of it, I wonder what the new OP & ED (ending, not Ed! *sweatdrop*) for the series will be? I guess we'll find out soon on ep. 27.....hope it'll be better than the OP & ED now. They're not all that bad, but....I definitely liked the 1st OP and ED better. 'Melissa' was a cool OP, 'Kesenai Tsumi' was a great ED. 'Ready Steady Go' I don't really like all that much, and....the 2nd ending song (I can't for the life of me remember the title *sweatdrop*) is pretty ok, but not as good as K.Tsumi. Ah well. Change is good once in a while.
    I'm starting to like MWS more and more. The story's gotten a lot more interesting, and the characters just get more complex as they go along. And the series is hardly half over yet! I love this series a lot too. It's better than it may look at first glance. The plot is slower paced than most animes, and I actually think that's a good thing. FMA has the same type of pace, and that way the characters get a lot more focus. Both of the series have excellent characters. It seems to me that others may think that MWS has only stereotypical characters if you only look @ the 1st ep. That's true at first, but if you'll look several episodes further, they develop into more and more complex characters, especially the main characters other than the main main character (who seems to me to be Luna). Characters I might not have liked that much at the start of the series I now like quite a bit. The series pretty much is all about the characters and how they interact with situations and each other, and I really like that type of story. So ya.
    I'm actually done with my Uninhabited Planet Survive character quiz. I still want Onee-chan to check it over once more before I put it up though. I like what I have so far, I just want to touch up the quiz results. It includes the 8 main characters, and has 8 questions (most are mult. answer, some are singular).
    Oh, and Onee-chan, did you know that Nana Kitade is only 16? She's like, 4 years younger than you and barely older than me. o_O Speaking of Kitade, I touched up on my translation of Kesenai Tsumi. Half of the translation I just took from the A-Keep & Anbu ending translation, so I translated the second half with kanji lyrics I found @ and the two online Japanese dictionaries that I know of @ &, plus my meager knowledge from the two years of middle-school Japanese I took. Here it is roughly:

    Whenever you are in my sight, I can breathe
    That alone should satisfy me, but...

    Since I am so petty, I keep making the same mistakes
    How strong must I become so that no one will be hurt?

    I believe in this love without a question and live
    Embracing the wound that will never heal...

    ...the two keep walking...
    ...because they cannot go back

    Their hearts deep inside...
    ...still hurt from the inerasable sin


    (ruffruff fix) <---- After this is where my trans. starts

    Painfully, I remember that day of lost love
    I was confused a little at the clear blue sky

    (getting better)
    Just like if something was a sacrifice, but only one believed
    Your honest eyes fleetingly reflect the colors of the blooming flowers

    (a little better, but accuracy is ??)
    I'm helpless, but I live strongly with this decision
    My temperature always is dissolving together, tying my hands
    If we bear punishment for more things behind us, we're being treated badly

    (a little better, but accuracy is ??))
    If compared to you as you are here
    assuming that the world's waves oppose us...

    I believe in this love without a question and live
    Embracing the wound that will never heal...

    (pretty good)
    I live with this decision without a question and live
    If I'm with you, we'll surely be connected forever too

    The two only look frontward, but change wouldn't be bad either
    Even then, this hand will indeed keep on protecting you

    Yes, it is very rough, and I took the translation from the previous line in the repetition. If anyone wants to help me to refine this, I'll be very happy with any help. (Or if someone has actually translated this better than I have already, tell me so I can take a look at it.)
    Well, nothing else for now. See ya later!
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Friday, March 5, 2004 at 03:43 p.m. --
    Wow. This is gorgeous. A Princess Tutu pendant necklace. (In case later the page goes down, you can see the image of it here.)
    And OMG, the same person made an FMA State Alchemist pocket watch, look, look!! (Those are two slightly different versions, it looks like, even though they look the same @ first.) Wow. I am impressed. *in awe* (Err, if you want to see the index of all the works Jongleur did, here's the index page with different images. Or here to see the active auctions. Whoa, a Hatsuharu necklace?? x_x
    OK, Ok. I got a quiz result, and a very interesting one too:

    You are Timekeeper

    You are the
    Some Timekeepers: Cleft (Rayearth), Gandalf
    (LOTR), Pluto (Sailor Moon), Zelgadis
    (Slayers), Yuki (Fruits Basket), Tezuka (Prince
    of Tennis), Aya (Weiss Kreuz)

    Which Immortal are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    Rating: o o o o c (4.5/5)
    Reason: .....It's weird. Why does this match me? (Cause it does, strangely enough.) I'm not a particularly mysterious or aloof person, at least on the outside. (Especially not when I'm happy...*sweatdrop*) But ya know....I find that I'm not really all that social, even if I'm definitely not anti-social....I make friends, and I'm nice, but I don't make a whole lot of friendships that will last even if we go to different schools. (There are still those that have, and I do value them very much.) I guess that's kind of like Gandalf (who is featured on this here image....w00t! Gandalf rocks!) Maybe I'm just a particularly energetic/hyper Timekeeper....that's kinda funny. (Then again...Gandalf!! *grin*) Whee. That's kinda interesting.
    So ya. Onee-chan's coming home tomorrowwwwww!! Wheeeee! *grin* For that, I'm saving the two FMA epi's and one MWS for when she gets home. And yes, I'll let Onee-chan get the video game the whole time if she wants. 'Sides, there's Scrapped Princess I can continue watching when she gets home too! So w0000t! *grin*
    By the by, if anyone's interested, I'm planning out an Uninhabited Planet Survive character quiz on Quizilla and am currently working on the questions. If anybody has ideas or suggestions they can e-mail me. (I'd do a Full Metal Alchemist quiz too, but I keep feeling like I don't know enough about the characters yet to do something good....)
    Oh, and interestingly know, I'm doing this one Romeo & Juliet playbill, and I'm working on the musical score. Before that, I was working on the character roster, and you'll never guess who we casted as Romeo & Juliet. Or the rest of the players, for that matter. What? Oh, how'd you guess: anime characters. OK, I admit all of them are from animes released in the US (i.e. Naruto, DBZ, Digimon, Pokemon, SM, YYH), but surprisingly, I have only two chars from DBZ and one char each from Digi, Poke & SM. Yep, most of them are from either YYH or Naruto. Oh, hell, why don't I just plap the roster down right here:

    Romeo - Naruto XD (Naruto)
    Juliet - Sakura XD (^ditto)
    Benvolio - Kuwabara (YYH) XD (hell, all of these are hilarious...)
    Mercutio - Goku (DBZ) (joking guy, blahblah)
    Tybalt - Toguro (from YYH, I've never seen this guy, but when I first saw him -- "Oh, he's the Ahnold-looking guy, right?" XD)
    Paris - Sasuke (Naruto)
    (Now, the really funny part about having the main chars of Naruto arranged like this is that although Naruto does like Sakura, Sakura is slightly disgusted by Naruto and likes Sasuke, while Sasuke isn't really interested. While Romeo & Juliet are supposed to both like each other, and Paris to like Juliet but her not like back. You can imagine their attempts to act that out. *snicker*)
    Prince - Vash (Trigun)
    (Yay, Vash! This is one of the matches that make me grin in amusement. He's perfect for the role, and more than that, he gets to keep peace with a cool-lookin' gun. By the way, the Prince is the noble keeper-of-the-peace in R&J, which is why I'm so pleased with his role. *grin*)
    Nurse - Mina (SM)
    (The SM char. Picked her b/c of her giggly sort of personality, even though Nurse is in the original an old woman. *grin*)
    Lord Montague - Kurama (YYH)
    (Now it's starting to get sort of random, to get all the chars in there. Montague cares about Romeo, blahblah, that sort of thing.)
    Lady Montague - Yukina (YYH)
    (A little more thought-out, Lady M. wants peace in R&J, and so does Yukina, it seems, so here it is. I had to do some research on her, since I never saw that far in the series.)
    Lord Capulet - Matt (Digi)
    (Yeah, more random....I used the older pic of him from 02, and picked him 'cuz he's apparently overpprotective, and so is Capulet of Juliet, sometimes hurts people he loves trying to protect them, etc. etc. That might not even match Matt all that well, I dunno, didn't see much of the series, but we're getting to the minor chars here.)
    Lady Capulet - Jesse (Poke)
    (Well...picked her 'cuz Lady C. sometimes is vengeful, and a little spiteful if upset.)
    Friar Lawrence - Master Roshi (DBZ)
    (This guy my project partner picked out entirely, since I know next to 0 about DBZ, and never heard of this guy. But he's an old guy. I know that matches. *sweatdrop*)

    I also have pictures of them for the project, but I don't think I can put them up here, since it might be violating copyright, etc. etc, plush I'm lazy.
    Believe it or not, we have to find all the little chars too, from the servants to the pages to the other Friar and the guy who sells the poison. My partner's supposed to do that, but I dunno....I'm doubting his workablitiy this week, since he's going a little overboard on how busy he says he is. And he wasn't even at school today. Brrrr. *sigh* Oh well. S'long as he gets his work done, I'll be OK.
    And speaking of project work, I mentioned the music score earlier, right? That's where you have to pick music to go along the BG of all the scenes in R&J. Yeah, it does sound like a lot of work, and that's pretty true. But last night, I almost stayed up really late to finish it (luckily I went to sleep before it was 12) b/c I really got into it. See, I'm using the Naruto OST for the whole R&J soundtrack. And going through the book, scene by scene, and picking the songs right on the comp. and reading the scene while the music's playing.....that is sooooo fun. Especially imagining the anime characters playing out the scenes. Hell, if this project were actually animated....*breaks out in uncontrollable snickers* OMG. Hilarious. Especially if you go about it so that Naruto, Sakura, & Sasuke are trying to act, but you see evidence that they're having a hard time. Can you imagine it?
    Wow. This is a long entry. Oh well. I didn't post on here before, so I suppose I'm coming back w/a vengence, as they say. So, see y'all later!
    Before I forget, there's this one LiveJournal PT fanfic community that started I might as well share. Here's the link: It looks pretty good, I might post something there. If others are PT fanfictionalists, then this might be something interesting.
    Wheeee....FMA....MWS....Onee-chan's coming home....*hearts*
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Tuesday, March 2, 2004 at 06:50 p.m. --
    now playing compartment BGMs:
    FFXI OST - Rolanberry Fields
    PT OST - 'Carnival of the Animals' Aquarium
    SuikoIII OST - In the Moonlight
    FFX OST - To Zanarkand
    FFX-2 OST - Eternity ~ Memory of Light and Wave
    SuikoIII OST - Hurry!
    KH OST - Treasured Memories
    Spirited Away OST - Yuya no Asa (The Bathhouse Morning)
    FMA ED - Kesenai Tsumi
    Hey, there. 'S me again. Actually, it is going really well today. I actually have my HW finished up to Thursday. (Yep, that proves how much of a geek I am....oh well! *grin*) I have my HW done a day ahead of time!! And I was worried about my HW only just before! *grin*
    Oh, a note: I watched the second half of Freaky Friday today @ choir. No, actually, I didn't really "watch" the 1st half, mostly just listened in from the next room especially when the characters started yelling. Why was I in the other room during the 1st half? Because I didn't want to watch it. Why didn't I want to watch it? Because I have this thingie with people switching bodies. I suppose it's not so much as having a diff. body (I mean, if you turned into a merperson, you'd still have your own face, hair, etc. right? that doesn't really bother me) as having a different physical identity. Man, that, well......bothers me. I guess I have a phobia about it. Especially if it's someone you's....disturbing, to me @ least. That's why I didn't want to watch it. I also thought that it was going to completely just humorize it ("I look like the cryptkeeper!!" -____-). So ya. But the second half, it got past that, and I sort of got curious. So I went in and watched it the rest of the movie. And was surprised at how deep it got. It attempted some things (w/out going too far...I suppose a Disney movie couldn't possibly get into anthing REALLY out there...) that are kind of touchy in places. Some spoilers next:
    The teen girl's boyfriend apparently was getting to know Anna (I'm pretty sure that's her name), and after Anna and her mom switched places, after 'Anna' exemplifies her personality appearing to everyone else as her mom, he starts warming up to her, not Anna's mom looking like Anna. Now, this would appear to anyone not knowing the situation that he's in love with someone a generation older than him. I even heard some people in the choir room go "Ewww!" at those sort of scenes. I, however, found this very interesting. I was surprised that they would dare to put this touchy idea in the film; it sort of skirts a taboo that kid's shows usually do not go near at all. So that intrigued me.

    So ya, the movie surprised me with more serious ideas and thoughtful insight than I had expected. But still....the idea still bothers me, so I'm still kind of spooked. Ya. So it was a good movie, and I liked it, but I wouldn't see it again....if you know what I mean.
    Oooooh! Kesenai Tsumi came up on the playlist!! I think I've come to like this song as much as Onee-chan does. I liked it so much, I actually attempted an amateur translation of the rest of the song, along with the small bit that was translated by the fansubbers of the show. It is *very* rough and I don't even understand it entirely. But I'll fix it eventually....or until I find a complete translation somewhere. But I do know that the rest of the song, like the 1st part, very much corresponds to Al and Ed's situation....the lyrics were written by the singer, huh? Wow. She must've watched the series....that's how close it is. It's not as far as specifying the people involved or anything, but....ith's cool. *grin* Gotta eat dinner now. Buh-bye!
    And FMA 21's out! W00t! An hour to watch next weekend! Ooohooh, and Onee-chan's coming home this weekend!!! Wheeeee!! *grin* *grin*
    Yay. I'm happy now. *grin*
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Sunday, February 29, 2004 at 06:07 p.m. --
    W000t! I finished my HW for this HW-loaded weekend! And it's only 6:00!! You know what that means? Play!! Play! Playyyyy!!!!! *grin* *grin* (And to top it all off, my parents even said so too. Now, how rare is THAT? ^o^)
    I wondered what to do next, and I guessed I'd write here. So here I am.
    On the byside, I have some quiz results. Not all of them are all that accurate, tho.....

    My inner child is one year old today

    My inner child is one year old!

    Everything is new to me. I like watching the world
    go by around me, and I don't sweat the small
    stuff--or the large stuff, either. Just so long
    as I stay warm and safe and dry, life's pretty

    How Old is Your Inner Child?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    Rating: o o o c . (3.5/5)
    Reason: Sigh....figures. I know, I know, everybody's going to be teasing me after this. But hey, I have an ever-young inner child! (Who apparently was younger than I thought....and I don't have any bathroom problems, so I'm wondering about the exact age....) I thought my inner child was something like 5 or 6. Or something like that. Ah, well, I don't know much about 1-year-olds. It's an ok match.

    The next quiz I took twice, since the first match wasn't all that accurate. Here's my first result....
    You represent... naivete.
    You represent... naivete. So innocent and trusting... you can be very shy at
    times, but it's only because you're not sure
    how to act. You give off that "I need to
    be protected vibe." Remember that not all
    people are good. Being too trusting will get
    you easily hurt.

    What feeling do you represent?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    Rating: o o c . . (2.5/5)
    Reason: I might not be worldly (from which my Microsoft Word program says is the opposite of naive...), but I don't think I'm a trusting person. More often, I doubt people's integrity (even if I pretend not to) and usually I see over time that they're trustworthy. Or something like that. Hell, sometimes I'm anything but shy. Especially with speaking in groups. And I may have a shy, "innocent" (god, sometimes I hate the overuse of that word with "ignorance" and "inexperienced". It also means "pure" and "childlike", damn it!) side, but I also seem to have a side which comes up when somebody's threatening my nice side. That side is when I get defensive, and I even get like this with my parents. Or maybe especially, I dunno. Myabe it's cause I'm a sensitive person, even though I'm an outspoken kind of person. Well, this doesn't describe me all that correctly, so it doesn't get a great score.

    When I looked at the other different results, I knew the other one that would match me the most. And when I retook the quiz, I easily got that one:
    You represent... insanity.
    You represent... insanity. You're quite a quirky little creature. You're
    emotions are varying. You may appear childish
    and innocent, but you have a tendency to freak
    out. You're incredibly random, but it's good
    to be unique. People know you're an odd one,
    but you certainly don't mind.

    What feeling do you represent?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    Rating: o o o o c (4.5/5)
    Reason: Now, this is more like it. When I'm happy and in a good mood, this is what I'm like. Sometimes I'm not when it's time to be logical & lucid, like when I'm in class or discussing something, or sometimes if I'm feeling sad or upset. But, I can get random and quirky @ times, when my creative side can shine (you know, there's the left side of your brain which controls logic and reasoning, and the right side which controls creativity and imagination, and both are really strong @ times w/me). I certainly feel that way when I'm happy or with these type of people. So it gets a pretty good score from me.
    Well, what should I do? I've updated my site (with a non-consequential update, but I've verified my continued existance, which is par for me now there...), and I've posted here now, so....what should it be? FMA? or Suikoden III? Well.....let's see, FMA, after half an hour, will be all used up and I'll be pining for the next episode. Whereas, if Suiko3, FMA will be saved up and when the next ep. comes out, I can save them up for a hour's worth rather than just 1/2. Yeah. So, I guess Suikoden III it is! (Although, I'm hoping I'm not getting too far ahead of Onee-chan's game...)
    Another random note, did you know I found a neat way to be able to listen to mp3's and study at my desk (which is about 7 m away from the nearest computer)? No, I do not have an MP3 player. In fact, the mp3's are still at my computer. And no one else can hear me listening to them. Heheh, still curious?
    ....interuption. Wait. I think I still have something I hafta do for school. Goddamit. Well, seriously, I'm just going to half-ass it. Seriously. I didn't hear anything from my partner yet, so I'm guessing he's going to write it up. In case he's lazy and decides not to (hey, I finished getting the pictures and leftover parts for casting the characters for the project on my own, so getting the character bios shouldn't be that hard!), then I have something to make up for it. But I'm seriously not going to spend much time on it. I don't deserve that right now. (I had homework in every subject this weekend but Business and Choir, people. And those are homework-free electives.) Alrighty: I will be done the next time you hear from me. I guess you'll have to wait a sec to know about the mp3 & studying thing, huh? I'll be right back, don't worry.
    Edit: I am back. And I have finished those little bio suckers, as promised. It happens to be time for dinner, but I don't think I lost that much time....*sees that it's over an hour since she's started*....oh well. Better safe than sorry. And I am sure I am done. Well....*mentally checks*....yes. I am now officially done. Done! DONE, I TELL YOU!!! Ok. It is time for me to go to dinner now, so I will be going. I'll tell about that thingie later....*sweatdrop*
    Oh, and the thing was that I was able to use a long extension cord to use the earphones in my room, which was conveniently exactly the right length. Sorry I can't be more dramatic about that, but I need to finish this up. I almost missed an important scene in Suiko3! Gotta get back now!
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Thursday, February 26, 2004 at 04:16 p.m. --
    Hey, guess what? Guess what? Full Metal Alchemist ep. 20 came ouuuuuuut!! Yipee!! (Not surprisingly, you'll find a very similar dialogue on my now updated imood account.) I am happy, as you may guess. Even though I know that I'll probably finish the episode just as quickly on the weekend and the same thing'll happen again later. Grah. But the weekend's not come yet! So anticipation! Lovely, exciting anticipation! Heehee! (Of course, anticipation is nothing if you never get what you're anticipating, so you have to have something to anticipate, and if you do, that's good...) *checks download progress* Ooooh! 15%! (Yes, I'm such a nerd I checked the site right after school.) 16%! Whee!
    (Err...I suppose I should be doing homework now....guess I'll get onto that.)
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Wednesday, February 25, 2004 at 06:26 p.m. --
    While I was looking for a Full Metal Alchemist quiz on Quizilla, I stumbled upon a Finding Nemo quiz:

    You are MARLIN!
    What Finding Nemo Character are You?

    brought to you by Quizilla
    Rating: o o o o o (5/5)
    Reason: .....Hell, I didn't realize before how much I was like Marlin. I am a bit of a worrywart, and I have a confidence problem. And I do sometimes have problems trusting people. (Sometimes.) Especially when I compared my result to the other results, Marlin was smack dab on who I'm most like. Full marks this gets from me. Onee-chan, take this quiz! I wanna see who you get! (Maybe Marlin, like me...but you never know.)

    I am literally checking the Animesuki website every day to see if they have the next FMA episode. They don't yet...wait...*goes and refreshes the website on the window still up*....nope, still not there. Dang, I wish I knew what day it comes out! It looks like it comes out every 7 days, but the 7th day was yesterday, so it's gotta come out any day now.....well, even if it doesn't come out, or I finish it over the weekend, I still have some Legend of Zelda episodes (yep, the old animated TV show Onee-chan said she used to watch) and Daria episodes too. Plus Suikoden III. *grin* (FFX-2 got me sort of pissed off with how difficult it was and how little story you got back from it. So I sort of got off it.)
    And I revised my PT fanfic AKT 27 (aka ch. 1)! I sent it to Onee-chan to look over. Soon after, I started the 2nd chapter, AKT 28. Besides the beginning stuff, I've also wrote a couple of future important scenes I'm planning to put in so I don't have to wait to get to that point to write down ideas.
    Today there was a big rainstorm in my area, wind and all. There wasn't any thunder or anything tho. (I kind of like thunder, too...) It was interesting walking all around the pavement as if you were walking across water (*splish splish splish*) and not getting your socks wet. And that time today after Geometry where I had to jump over a puddle blocking the pathway to the next building. It was interesting; I was walking along with all the rain, holding an umbrella, and I see the puddle. I can't walk around it, it covers the whole path, so I exclaim, "Leap of faith!" and make a leap for it. I make it to the other side, enough so that I don't splash myself. There was this other girl in my math class that was still stumped and not willing to jump over, so for some reason I felt a little bit of pride for myself. *shrug* Oh, and by the way, did you know I like holding my umbrella by the handle w/my right hand 'cause it feels like a sword? And that I flourish it as such if my hand's bored? Someone even thought I took fencing lessons. (I don't, but I used to take kung-fu where I did sword form at one point.)
    Wow, interesting writing today. Gotta eat dinner now. Bye!
    Edit: Dang it, I wish there was a Full Metal Alchemist quiz! Maybe eventually when I know more about the series I'll make one.
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Thursday, February 19, 2004 at 09:25 p.m. --
    Well, I've watched more of FMA (Full Metal Alchemist) and MWS (Mujin Wakusei Survive) (or UPS, DPS, depending on which languange you're abbreviating from...but interestingly enough the English one also refers to a certain package delivery company, so um, MWS it is...). MWS has gotten more interesting; it finally started to look into the little quirks that they gave little crumb tidbits in the previous episodes that make the uninhabited world in MWS different from a Swiss Family Robinson or Robinson Crusoe (....hey, is there something with the Robinson that has to do with deserted islands?) or Lord of the Flies world. I suppose saying anymore would be a slight spoiler, but I'm only on 14 (16 out so far, so I'm catching up....probably should go back to FMA next - 19 ep., 6 ep. more to watch). I haven't played Suiko3 at all yet today, probably because that's all I did yesterday. Guess I sort of switch off, huh? Ah well.
    The thing interesting about these two series is: FMA - too complicated for me to think up a story for w/only 14 ep. watched, and MWS - not enough revealed for me to think up anything interesting. So my brain is happily sort of occupied with fanatisizing about it, but not to the point where a story comes out of it. Basically, my brain feels unobligated. How lazy I am. *grin* Well, it also may be I haven't watched enough of these series yet to go on that string.
    Dangnabit! I still don't have a comment thingie on my weblog. Onee-chan, is there any way you can teach me how to make one?? Please?
    Well, guess I'm off to watch FMA now. Read that ep. 14 (nxt ep.) is where [slight slight sp?: Ed makes a decision that changes his personality? dunno, just saw that from some review I saw randomly...]
    Or maybe I'll have something to eat...ah well, whatever. *grin*

    Edit: [slight slight sp comment: ....Huh? What personality-changing decision?] (._.)?? *confused face* I watched the ep., and....uh, I'm not quite sure what that person on the review was talking about, and uh...oh, whatever. *shrug*
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Wednesday, February 18, 2004 at 07:23 p.m. --
    Okie, two quiz results.

    Peace. You Truly Desire Peace. Just relaxing
    somewhere calm with a light breeze against your
    cheecks is our ideal of pefect. You don't like
    to start fights, but instead, end them without
    using violence.


    What Do You Truly Desire? *PICS*
    brought to you by Quizilla
    Rating: o o o o c (4.5/5)
    Reason: It's pretty much true....except sometimes I admit I find fights interesting to watch, and I like video games, etc....but basically, this applies to me. Funny, the lady in the picture looks like a Karayan woman (from SuikoIII...maybe it's from a prev. game of Suikoden?)

    You are a PHOENIX in your soul and your
    wings make a statement. Huge and born of flame,
    they burn with light and power and rebirth.
    Ashes fall from your wingtips. You are an
    amazingly strong person. You survive, even
    flourish in adversity and hardship. A firm
    believer in the phrase, 'Whatever doesn't kill
    you only makes you stronger,' you rarely fear
    failure. You know that any mistake you make
    will teach you more about yourself and allow
    you to 'rise from the ashes' as a still greater
    being. Because of this, you rarely make the
    same mistake twice, and are not among the most
    forgiving people. You're extremely powerful and
    wise, and are capable of fierce pride, passion,
    and anger. Perhaps you're this way because you
    were forced to survive a rough childhood. Or
    maybe you just have a strong grasp on reality
    and know that life is tough and the world is
    cruel, and it takes strength and independence
    to survive it. And independence is your
    strongest point - you may care for others, and
    even depend on them...but when it comes right
    down to it, the only one you need is yourself.
    Thus you trust your own intuition, and rely on
    a mind almost as brilliant as the fire of your
    wings to guide you.You are eternal and because
    you have a strong sense of who and what you
    are, no one can control your heart or mind, or
    even really influence your thinking. A symbol
    of rebirth and renewal, you tend to be a very
    spiritual person with a serious mind - never
    acting immature and harboring a superior
    disgust of those who do. Likewise, humanity's
    stupidity and tendency to want others to solve
    their problems for them frustrates you
    endlessly. Though you can be stubborn,
    outspoken, and haughty, I admire you greatly.

    *~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
    brought to you by Quizilla
    Rating: o o o o . (4/5)
    Reason: Maybe the rating should be higher, but I wouldn't know....sometimes I'm not all that strong, and people can easily shake my thinking if I'm not feeling well (sometimes I'm not confident enough)...but I suppose that's just me...

    I've also started watching Full Metal Alchemist, and Uninhabited Planet Survive in earnest. FMA Rocks. Im hooked. Still, I'm managing to save it so I'm not pining for more the whole week by watching it all at once. (19 ep. out so far). I'm keeping busy with Suikoden III. Uninhabited Planet Survive is interesting, but mostly a diversion from FMA and Suiko3. Still the slow and character-based pace, which is interesting. But watching Duke basketball as I'm typing this, vs Wake Forest; a very physical game it seems to be turning out.
    Alrighty, can't think of much else to say. Bye for now.
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Saturday, January 24, 2004 at 08:11 p.m. -- know, for some reason I'm getting so lazy I'm not posting a lot, and don't feel like writing so much. (Maybe it's Suikoden III. Or Uninhabited Planet Survive now that Karura-onee successfully helped me find the codec. *grin*) But I found some quiz results that are kind of interesting, even if not all that accurate....

    You are Sarah

    Which of the Four Destoyers in Suikoden III are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    Match rating: o o o c _ [3.5]
    Reason: I guess I'm loyal, but.....oh, I don't know, I just don't think I'm as quiet as Sarah is. As much as others may find it annoying, I think I act more cute than graceful. I dunno. *shrug*


    Which Suikoden 'Hero' Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    Match rating: o _ _ _ _ (1)
    Reason: None of the descriptions about Geddoe in the quiz describe me in particular....and Geddoe as I see him (well, as far as I've been in the game) isn't really like me much....I suppose the one bit was that Geddoe isn't my direct opposite or anything....maybe a slight opposite? *shrug*

    Well, I suppose that's it for now. Oh, wait....on a happy note, my sis told me where to get the Xvid codec, and I installed it on our media comp., and now I can watch Uninhabited Planet Survive smoothly!! *grin* Whee....that show, it's interesting. It concentrates very heavily on the characters, and the story pace is relatively slow, but it doesn't lag so much that you're bored or anything like that. Plus, the characters are all interesting and varied. The concepts of the setting and background are very interesting too. In short, I like this show and am glad I found a subber that actually chugs out an episode about every other day. *grin* If anyone else wants to check it out, here's the Animesuki link here; you'll need Bittorrent to download them but @ the time I'm posting this the uploads are pretty good for all of them if you leave them up for a day or two. Nine up so far, most of the later ones from a subber called "We Suck" (which, in my opinion from their subbing speed, they don't *grin*)
    OK, that's about it. Hopefully the second time means it. *sweatdrop*
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Wednesday, December 3, 2003 at 05:27 p.m. --
    now playing compartment BGMs:
    Hoy there! Onee-chan, I took the color quiz and this is what I got:

    you are mediumspringgreen

    Your dominant hues are cyan and green. Although you definately strive to be logical you care about people and know there's a time and place for thinking emotionally. Your head rules most things but your heart rules others, and getting them to meet in the middle takes a lot of your energy some days.

    Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn't be afraid to lead people, because if you're doing it, it'll be done right.

    Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
    the html color quiz

    Rating: o o o o o
    Reason: It's pretty much on the spot....there's no quarter, so the only dink is that I never really thought about if my logical self and emotional self really get into fights all the time, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was. The rest of it is point-blank "oh man, that's me there" like most of Onee-chan's was. *grin*

    Interesting...our hue colors are very similar, only me it's cyan and green instead of blue and green (what's the difference?) However, our saturation levels are on opposite ends. Onee-chan - very low, me - very high. I suppose you could say that's our difference in colors...but even though our hues are pretty much the same, Onee-chan's is very blue-like, while mine is very green-like. And our outlooks on life -- weird, Onee-chan is brighter than moi! O_O (Me - bright, Onee-chan - very bright) You'd think it'd be the other way around...
    I was just at my Robotics Animation meeting. 3ds Max is complicated! Heck, animating is complicated! There's so many attributes, and it's nearly impossible to tell what does what or what you can do where at first.
    Well, gonna do homework now. Can't wait till holidays rolls around again, which'll be soon! *grin*
    Before I go, I'll mention that my dreams still have Princess Tutu in them, being that in this one dream, I remember that there was this castle place, it seemed like upstairs and it seemed very old and as if it were very much exposed to the air and it was shadowy, but not too dark, and I saw Princess Kraehe there and Edel took something off of black flowers saying something about how they 'were quite useful' for some reason. And then she took a plain black lady's shoe off of it. Weird. But usual caliber for my dreams. (You know, Princess Kraehe appears quite a lot in dreams I remember that has Princess Tutu stuff in it. And I don't even think about her all that much! o_O I think a lot more about my original chars, and the other main characters.)
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Saturday, November 29, 2003 at 06:09 p.m. --
    now playing compartment BGMs:
    Ahiru's Comical ~Neko Sensei Appearance
    'Swan Lake' Waltz (PT vrs.)
    Lulu's Theme (FFX OST)
    Morning Grace (alternate TV size vrs.)
    'Sleeping Beauty' Panorama (PT vrs.)
    'Carnival of the Animals' The Swan (Yo-yo Ma vrs.)
    A Walk in Andante (KH OST)
    Miracle (KH OST; soundbite)
    Morning Grace (TV vrs.)
    A Piece of Peace (KH OST)
    Helloooo! I'm happy. Today I went and played w/my best friend from middle school. We played a few games, what included a game of Tri-ominals, which is the domino game w/triangle shaped pieces. I won that one, with a flourish; I had put it in a difficult spot, where only one piece would work. We also played Sequence, which is like tic-tac-toe with cards and a board of card icons in which you put markers on. She won that one, but I had one out of two five-in-a-rows (you need two to win; I got one first, but then she got two). We then played Monopoly - Pokemon version. Yes, out of a fit of insanity I saw it in her closet and decided I wanted to play it. And, yes, it was fun. XD We played it all the way until it was time to go, and although no one was bankrupt at the end, it was fairly clear I won (I was able to make a 500 w/my 100s, and she didn't quite have enough, plus I had about 4 color-collections w/property and she had one w/one piece of property). So yes, that was fun. *grin* I had brought a Lilo & Stitch DVD, but 1) their DVD player was unavailable at that time, so we couldn't play it and 2) we wouldn't have gotten to it, Monopoly kept us busy. And we had root beer floats w/ice cream and cinnamon cookies! Her little brother had made them too, I was told. *grin* Root beer floats actually weren't my favorite when they asked me if I wanted some, but I decided why not, I'll try a small bit. And it was yummy. *grin* Funfunfun! Nice way to spend a Thanksgiving holiday Saturday.
    And to top it off, I come home and I find I got the next Shonen Jump!! It has the 1st issue of Hikaru no Go in it!! *grin* Yayyy! Although, I notice that that darned 'Dark Yugi' character is on the cover -- and it's been on the cover in nearly half of all the Shonen Jump issues. Get somebody else on the cover besides Yugio and Goku, dang it! *sighs* Like Naruto, or Yoh, or Hikaru (now that Hikaru no Go is a Jump issue now *grin*).
    Well, lesee, I have my Thanksgiving HW done, but I have a business letter for Finance in my school's Robotics club. I suppose I'll be able to get that done...I might just end up rewording the example letter. *shrugs* Oh well. If it's bad, then I can know that from the Finance officer when we meet next. Don't wanna stress too much about it.
    Nanowrimo: I won't be able to finish it, I know that. I might work on it, I might not. But oh well. I have my PT fanfic, and drawings for that stuff, and all. And Christmas. *grin* And Onee-chan coming home soon! And it'll still be Sunday tomorrow. We might bring out the Christmas tree too. Whee! So, things still going well. *crosses fingers*
    But when is the next Uninhabited Planet Survival episode coming out?? C'mon, be released! Be released! (Gosh, my hands are cold right now...)
    Well, gonna eat dinner now. See ya later!
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Friday, November 28, 2003 at 07:44 p.m. --
    Hello! Have just seen Brother Bear in theaters. I think it was a pretty good movie, better than I expected it to be (since the reviews said it wasn't exactly awesome) but I know why they were reviewed as such. You got to like the characters at least mostly, and the story was one for the heart. Unfortunately, the reviews were right when it said the story was a little formulated. What was happening in the movie was interesting, but it didn't really surprise you all that much. You kind of had a sort of idea what was going to happen next (it's not like everything was predictable, but the bare basic storyline was). I have the feeling that it could have been more creative in the small areas. Like, the basic storyline you can get from the trailers, that it's about a tribal boy in his teens that gets transformed into a bear, and that certainly catches your eye. But there aren't any shocking plot twists; more like gradual turns that you can see coming. Mind you, those turns are something that you sort of apprehensively look forward to. The songs -- they aren't really all integrated all that well, you kind of think 'ehhh...another song number' when one starts up. At least it's not so bad that characters burst into song every 5 minutes or anything like that. Sooo....overall, I liked this movie. I can tell because I had that familiar little burst of imagination when the movie was over. It happens w/me when I watch a decently good movie. *grin*
    I'm thinking about the new movies that Disney has coming up. The only one I'm really looking forward to significantly is The Incredibles, and that's a Pixar movie, which I have decided to label as my fav. movie company after Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc., so that doesn't count. Home on the Range and Teacher's Pet don't really appeal to my tastes from the trailers (and the trailers are usually as good or better than the movie...) Home on the Range -- a bunch of cows going after an outlaw that's after their farm? Yeah, actually, I like the ideas of cows kicking some rear. But the overall setting and the story....well, I'm not very excited. It doesn't seem to have too much potential. Even the jokes that were in the trailers were like 'eh...whatever'. And Teacher's Pet....a dog that wantsa be a boy. Interesting enough, but wrong medium. The animation looks like it came off a Saturday morning low budget cartoon. That kind of animation, yeah, it's funny, but I looks sloppy. And the gags aren't really all that hilarious either. It doesn't seem all that witty here. Sooo...yeah. I'm not really looking forward to any upcoming Disney movies that I know about. By the by, The Haunted Mansion apparently didn't get very good ratings either. And I've learned to trust the critics (see reference above in Brother Bear).
    Well, Nanowrimo's almost over. When the Thanksgiving weekend ends, so will the deadline. I'm still in the 10,000's. Oh well. I'm thinking after Nanowrimo I'll get workin' on my PT fanfiction again. I have the 1st chapter pretty much done, I decided to take a break after that for Nanowrimo. I have an idea of what is going to happen immediately next, but after that there's several ideas I have that I'm not sure what order I want them to be in. So, I suppose I shouldn't say much until I know when in the story they're going to be. But one thing: I am going to integrate classical music into the fanfics, like how each of the PT episodes had a music theme, you know? I'm still not sure what's going to happen after the initialities, but I'm guessing it'll come to me when I write up to where I'm stuck. And if I'm still stuck, I'll just keep on thinking, maybe write down possible scenes and see what works. (*in back of mind* Dory: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming....) Sigh. Finding Nemo is really growing on me. Pixar movies rock. Pixar rocks. XD
    OK, that's all for now, folks. Buh-bye!
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Thursday, November 20, 2003 at 06:12 p.m. --
    Hello. I have come here to announce a very important thing: I have COMMENTS available for people to post very,, somethingly comments.
    OK. I'm not sure how to put these things, so I suppose I'll just put it on the bottom of each individual entry. But uh....Onee-chan, how do you put them so you don't need to paste it at the bottom every time? So on the bottom I'm pasting a comments test. I hope it works.

    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Tuesday, November 18, 2003 at 09:17 p.m. --
    now playing compartment BGMs:
    'Sleeping Beauty' Waltz (Princess Tutu version)
    'Pictures at an Exhibition' Promenade ~ Tuileries ~ Bydlo (PT vrs.)
    'The Nutcracker' Arabian Dance (PT vrs.)
    Hikari -Kingdom Hearts Orchestral Instrumental vrs.-
    The Happy Farmer (piano)
    Renshuu Kyoku II (from PT)
    'The Nutcracker' March (PT vrs.)
    'Sleeping Beauty' Josou to Lilas no Sei no Odori
    Hansel And Gretel - Overture (title?)
    Eternity ~ Memory of Light and Wave (from FFX-2)
    Hihi!! *grin* I'm ok today. (Yep, you can tell I'm happy.)
    It's kinda weird....OK, this Monday, I got an all-time record on my mile time, 11:36. Laugh all you want, but my bests are usually in the 12 range, and normals in 13-14. This is a big deal, as this even beat my goal time, 11:45. Even my PE teacher queried if I had done all the laps. I personally was going over the memories in my head, double and triple checking that I had actually done it. While I was doing it, I thought that it was 'possible' by the times my PE teacher was calling out as we pass by the lap line by calculation. But that's a lot different than actually 'done'. It's like wow. I'm not a PE person, and this happens. I'm kind of hoping that this isn't a freak accident, and maybe I AM getting better physically. O_O
    And today, a sort of good-bad-good thing. Today, I was supposed to go on this small trip with a small bit of my school choir to go look for music to perform with in future concerts. I went at lunchtime to get picked up to go, but I never found the teacher or anyone. I asked around everywhere, the other choir teacher, the office, and...well, no avail. But the good part was, that during the choir class I'd've missed, we watched.....Finding Nemo!!!! *GRIN* Heeheeheeheeeee! You wouldn't've believe how loud I squealed when I found that out. You would have grouped me right along with those really giggly and loud girls, I was so ridiculously happy. Wheeee! That was fun. Funfunfunfunfun....!
    Actually, today at PE was...OK. Except for the fact that there's this guy that had been pestering me ever since the Friday before my business class trip over the weekend. I guess I'll start from the beginning here.
    On that Friday, during PE, I notice that there's this one guy that seemed to be having problems w/his apparent girlfriend. OK. Then, during the PE class, he kept on trying to be close to me, @ first high-fiving me very often for no surmountable reason, seeming to make sure his girlfriend saw it or something. And seemed to be very happy that I was on the business trip with him. Seriously, isn't it obvious why he's doing it? Nothing compared to what happened @ the business trip dance. Towards the beginning of the dance at one point, he grabbed me from behind me and tried to dance. I didn't know what exactly he was doing at the moment, but I heard people laughing as if it were funny. All I knew was that I was yelling, and I wanted to get outta there. So see, I'm wearing this big pink jacket. So I escape by sliding out of that wonderful bulky overcoat and he twirls it around for a second before dropping it on the floor. I pick it up, put it right back on, and look around for a couple moments while several people stare at me and I walk away. A minute or so after that, the guy's girlfriend came up to me and said that it was awful mean of him to do that, she could go beat him up if I wanted. Then some other girls said that too. Well, I was like whatever. Although later, since he's in my business class, they were talking about the trip the Monday after, and they were mentioning how he was trying to 'freak' with me. (You know, I noticed that most people that know my name but aren't my friends use my first & last name, not just my first ever. It's kind of weird. And now that I think of it, my lit teacher distinguishes me from another w/my same name by calling the other girl her name raw and me by adding a 'Miss'. o_O Anyway...)
    OK, now this is when I get a little upset. Freaking, as they call it here, is a type of provocative dancing that is supposed to imitate a specific ritual also used for summoning babies. Anyway. I don't really tolerate that kind of stuff, as you may already figure. So I fume over that, satisfying my rage by imagining myself pummeling his and the talker's face in instead of the real deal.
    And still, even today, he's still being suspiciously nice that makes me feel apprehensive. I remember I talked to one of my friends in my business class about it, and she found it funny as well. Sigh. I asked her on that, and she said it was funny that he had tried. I don't really find it funny, and especially if I told people I did, others would be encouraged to do it more, and that I (absolutely) do not want. She also told me I was judging people too much, and some minutes after that I asked what she meant by that, and she said that I judged people too harshly, that he was just being playful (and she did say earlier that the said boy was just being an idiot, which I concur on). When I heard that, I reckoned she was right. But of course, I wouldn't want anyone to try it on me again. I'd likely be prepared and the person might regret their actions more painfully. (Well, I like to talk big, but I'd get in trouble. So blah.) Anyway, that optional dance was good reason for me to avoid dances in the future.
    Gosh, that was a lot longer than I had anticipated.
    Well, why don't I take this time to mention that my PT fanfiction 1st chapter (or 27th fan-ep.) is finished? Was finished a while ago...just didn't take the time to announce it here at the time (or did I before the entries were erased? oh well). I kind of put continuing the rest on hold for Nanowrimo, which I have over 8000 words on but I should be @ around 25,000 to make 50,000 by the end of the month. Blah. Oh well, Onee-chan says she probably won't make it either, but iths ok, she'll keep writing. I'll just see with mine and write as much as I can. Even if I don't entirely like what I'm writing, at least it comes fairly quickly to the touch.
    Well, I suppose that's all for now. See ya! Good luck to me on Nanowrimo.
    PS: Oh! I almost forgot! Onee-chan, I started watching Uninhabited Plant Survive, 1st and 2nd episode done! Iths cool! (Did you watch the 2nd epi yet?) I think I'll keep up w/it if I can; it looks interesting. The ideas for the futuristic stuff is really cool.
    Ooooh! This really pretty song came up on Winamp! It's the song called "Eternity ~ Memory of Light and Wave". It's an FFX-2 OST song. Considering that the rest of the OST is ok, but this is....gorgeous. It's even better than a lot of the FFX songs, I'm serious. Siiiiigh. Sooo pretty~~
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

    Tuesday, October 28, 2003 at 06:14 p.m. --
    So...I guess those entries before were wiped out, since it seems like they won't be coming back. Phooey. Well, at least it wasn't something beautiful; it was Digimon Tamers rants, and since I wouldn't mind if I forgot about the last parts of it, I'm not *too* upset. Anyway, I can't afford to be upset anyway.
    On another subject...hey, I got a different result than Onee-chan on a quiz (she got Sasuke):

    Which Naruto Character are You?
    quiz by

    Match rating: * * * * *
    Reason: Wow...pretty much everything about this result describes me. The only possible, possible little thing is that I don't like learning every single nanosecond of my life...but many most times. Anyway I gave it full score. Funny, both Onee-chan and I got guys as results...but then again neither of the girls in the Naruto quiz we're like much.
    Dang, you know...I was looking @ this Japanese PT art site, and I was starting to get depressed about my art again. It's not like all of the art there I was impressed at, but some of it I was like wow. And some of them had ideas I might not have thought of. And that's what would make me feel bad, maybe even more than drawing skill. *wistful sad face* Wah. On Monday I had this time where I read part of my PT story and I felt really really happy since I actually thought it sounded good. But now that feeling's gone (at least temporarily). Blah. Maybe it was cuz I'm having trouble w/Lit right now. Blah.
    Why can't things stay right for once? I'm hoping that this bad spell will go away as quick as that story good-spell did. Otherwise it won't be balenced. *chibi-angry face* Yes, now I noticed that balanced wasn't spelled right. *sigh*
    ...well, I guess I'll get back to work. I might be updating my profile before I go. See ya.
    -- Tomoyo Ichijouji (me)

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